Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What God can do with Water

These are nothing professional...just something we did today that I wanted to share!

A group of us decided to do a little thing for our community...hand out some water to people who may just need a drink.
Our night was anything but little. Thank you God for giving us the idea to do what we thought would just be a little thing and turning into a night full of events! Because of God working His amazing ways through us,ordinary people, over 70 people got some much needed cold water to drink, a man got to save his taxi money and got a meal and an adventure with us in the van, an elderly man is sleeping in a warm bed, and a very drunk (but very much in need of some attention and hope) man has a full tummy and a stay at the super 8, our kids got to help others and get a little piece of what service and love is about, and our hearts grew closer to each other and God. Just by handing out bottles of water. THANK YOU GOD FOR BEING SO AMAZING!!!

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Danna said...

I'm SO PROUD of you guys! You show me Jesus every single day and challenge me in my walk with God. Thanks!

Love you!