Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Little Boy in Blue!

This guy was so full of energy and loved getting to explore everything! We were constantly on the move but still got plenty of great shots! He is just a doll and so adorable in his little blue polo and blue plaid shoes!

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Brittne said...

Hi Jenny! You photographed my little niece Zaylee below and I just wanted to let you know how TALENTED you are!! Unfortunately I live all the way out in SC, but often go back to KS (where i'm from). And I just wanted to say how I would LOVE it if you took pictures of my hubby and I sometime when we come back! We would be more than willing to drive down there!!

Thanks for capturing the beauty of Zaylee!!

P.S. I gave you a little plug on my blog because I have a lot of KS and OK readers!

Brittne S.

Lerin said...

Goodness, what a precious little guy! I just love all the colors with him in the flowers. Toddlers are NOT easy to chase and photograph, I am impressed as always. :)